International Wrestling Festival 2017 -DREAM COME TRUE

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: Vamposaur

Dominatrices and boys next door. Its time to channel up your inner dungeon master and/or ready your 300 bucks again. For its time for the long awaited, world famous, deep dark fantasy fulfilling, shaft erecting INTERNATIONAL WRESTLING FESTIVAL 2017.
This fourteen and a half minutes Hard, Expert and Expert+ gachi medley is sure to challenge the best of the best.
About a month of work, witch equals to 70 hours of in app programing has finally come down to this. This truly is my biggest project to date, even bigger than the last, and i hope that shows when playing.
Everything in this song is made by me, so a thumbs up and/or a review would be extremely appreciated! And if you think i just copied this text from the last Wrestling Fesitival you are right 🙂
I stream from time to time at so please feel free to come by and say hello.

Song length: 14m 36s


Blocks: 3539/5299/5935

Blocks per second: 4.03/6.04/6.76

Obstacles: 99/115/85

Bombs: 0/0/0 (we dont do that around here!)

Bpm: 138 and 180

Note Jump Speed: 13/16/21

If you or anyone else ever plays this song on stream or in a video please feel free to send me a quick link. You can find me as Vamposaur in the Beat Saber modding Discord.

Enjoy 🙂

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