RaynArch Pop

Spice Girls – Wannabe

Difficulties Expert
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Reviewed Expert:

Nostalgia tastes so much sweeter when a song you enjoyed as a child gets mapped in Beat Saber. You'll be dancing and singing along to this classic for many playthroughs.

RaynArch takes a fun song from the 90's and brings it back to life in Beat Saber, making you want to bounce around and sing like you're in the shower. Your neighbors will be wondering if you're having a bit too much fun with your special friend, hearing the screams of "I Wanna, I Wanna, I Wanna, I Wanna, I Wanna..."

The mapping here is different from the current meta, but after several playthroughs, you can understand the flow that RaynArch is creating with the beats. Once you've got it down, it feels good and you can comfortably dance along to the song. The difficulty is laid out very well with fast sections adding more challenge and chill sections doing the opposite. There are only a couple moments where several vision notes can be overwhelming possibly causing a bit of anxiety, but this is easily dissolved when you try again. There is only one set of reversed notes that is awkward around the 2 minute mark that I question the decision on. Also, there is only an Expert level, so the enjoyment at this time cannot be shared by all.

Overall, this map is well made for fun and enjoyment, and I've had a blast every single time. Dance and sing along! You won't regret it!

Mapper: RaynArch

Expert Only | BPM 110

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