Beat Saber – Jaroslav Beck

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
54 5
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Mapper: Kolezan

Time to get nostalgic(?)! I guess it’s no secret I love Beat Saber (still making maps!), but I also love the Original Soundtrack of Beat Saber, so what is the best thing I can do to show my love for the game? To make a map in my own style for Beat Saber with the Original Soundtrack!


BPM: 166
Duration: 1:50
Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert and Expert+ difficulties.

Easy: 122, 10 obstacles, 2 mines
Normal: 176 notes, 8 obstacles, 4 mines
Hard: 238 notes, 8 obstacles, 4 mines
Expert: 317 notes, 8 obstacles, 4 mines
Expert+: 455 notes, 11 obstacles, 6 mines

Thanks to Steven, Redmagi, ManDynasty, Temaran and Don for playtesting!


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