Frolic – Curb Your Enthusiasm Theme

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: trevorsmithy

Note: This is a final release! Yay! The reason the lighting is so basic is because I wanted a break after Luigi’s Mansion. But don’t worry, my next song will likely have far more lighting events!
With the final release comes ALL 5 difficulties. Note: Hard may be even more difficult than Expert, depending on the play style.
ExpertPlus simply has walls and bombs added to Expert. The old expert plus was considered too easy to be a true expert plus, so it has simply become Expert.
Easy and Normal are basically the same, but Easy gets rid of a couple fast notes.
Normal is just the bass line.
Hard is the bass line with the violin-y bit added on.
Expert is the melody.
ExpertPlus is Expert with walls and bombs.
Any feedback can be sent to me by email: [email protected]

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