Luigis Mansion Dark Moon Library Piano

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
135 12
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Mapper: trevorsmithy

Successfully added 5 beats worth of pause at the beginning in order to make a full combo possible. Expect to see an improved version with better flow in the near future. For now, this is at least possible (if not repetitive). – Trevor Smithy
Update 1.2 – Expert now has alternating note directions to improve flow and play-ability as requested by players. Hard and Normal will follow in the near future.
Notice: Recent comments from my beta testers (thanks Twitch streamers) have shown that lesser experienced players prefer the all down note layout. For this reason, until I get around to it, I will keep Hard and Normal as all down. For those wishing for an alternating layout without the added difficulty, please email me at [email protected]
I will do my best to accommodate any requests.
Update 1.3: This was a minor update that fixed some silly directional fails that were ruining the flow of the song. Thanks to QTpop and Joetastic (see his songs here: for the help!

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