Chop Shop – Twisted Insane

Difficulties Expert+
17 2
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Mapper: Teariac

Lighting (subtle)

Try to win a friendly race against Twisted Insane in the legendarily fast Chop Shop song. You’ll need to hit up to 8 beats per measure at times so be prepared!

I made this chart as a response to some people claiming I held back too much on the Twisted Insane verse in WWC. I wanted to show them what they were asking for, but it turns out that results in an impossibly fast chart. So this is actually the 2nd draft.
The official BPM of this song is 112 but I doubled it to make mapping easier.

Lastly, I would recommend, if you haven’t already, that you install the “skip intro” plug-in from the mod installer. I normally cut out long intros but this one just fit the mood too well. That plug-in is useful in many maps where you’re stuck retrying over and over with no notes to hit in the intro.

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