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Difficulties Expert
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Mapper: SilentCaay

Continuing my GARNiDELiA kick with ARiA! I’ll have to do SPiCa at some point since these two songs are a pair. ARiA is a song from SPiCa to AriA and SPiCa is a song from ARiA to SPiCa. The songs are about love and longing across the vastness of space. Part melancholic but part hopeful that the two will meet again. The lyrics of both are colored heavily in astronomy metaphors.

This comes in two versions – one with the digital diva Hatsune Miku and the other with the fleshy human singer MARiA! Grab one, the other or both! Both versions use the same Expert level map (aside from some *really* annoying timing tweaks I had to make for the Miku version o_o). Enjoy!

Expert (821 notes, ~7 actual walls + decorative ones, 0 bombs)
Full space-themed event lighting
Time – 4:04
BPM – 175

Hatsune Miku version is here:

Expert Preview:

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