[Punk Goes Pop Vol.2] Disturbed – The Sound of Silence

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Mapper: Undeceiver

The original song is far from my usual music taste, but I can recognize a good song when I hear one, and David Draiman’s voice just amplifies quality tenfold. This song has such a feel to it, and we’ve tried to capture that in the map and light show, with a growing-as-it-goes theme that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Note that this is a very slow song, and the map gets very techy and is meant to be played with very exaggerated arm motions. Thus, the map’s NJS and JD are very floaty / slow, and it is probably a bit uncomfortable to play the map with very short jump distance as some patterns may be a bit jump scarey. Do whatever you want, but you’re warned!

Map preview for the top diff:

Apart from the moody light show, @symphonic also helped me testplay the top two diffs and fix some timing issues. I should also thank @GalaxyMaster for a lot of help with the timing as well.

Any feedback please send it over to Undeceiver#3265 on Discord.

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  1. Kerri says:

    11/10! Rarely do I feel so strongly about a map that I take my headset off to comment on it. This map is beautiful. Not so much its lighting but its movements. Movements that paired with the music build emotion. Beat Saber Ballet 🙂

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