DewIt 1.5. Speed Drum and Bass Electronic

Eliminate – BREAKSH!T (Nikademis DnB Flip)

Difficulties Expert Expert+
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Mapper: DewIt

Since Eliminate dropped this song I loved it since. I’ve played Timeweaver’s take on this map and really loved it. Not much after I found this drum and bass flip by Nikademis and this one just kept me going through whatever whilst headbanging at the same time. Masterpiece.
And after playing Timeweaver’s map a bunch more times, it motivated me to make my own map on the DnB flip. But having a mere 50 hours in Beat Saber and not knowing how to properly map at all, I wasn’t entertained much and lost interest quick. But in the end I really really wanted to play the map and just gave a quick search on the internet a try.
Soon I found a guy named Ripcord. Awesome guy. Years of experience and knows what’s up. Dropped a message on him and he was down to map it! After some time he dropped me this map and boy did it turn out great! So much fun to play.
I decided I didn’t want to keep the fun for me alone and this is why you found it on here 🙂

Enjoy it as much as you can! <3

Thank you Ripcord for this awesome map!

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