Peace Sign My Hero Academia Opening 2

Difficulties Expert+
23 143

Mapper: ragnara

Hello People and especially hello My Hero Academia Fans!

Since I did not find any very good Beatmap for any My Hero Academia Openings, I tried to do my best to create my own.
The song of my choice was the second Opening as this is my favorite at the moment (changed from 1 to 2, but could also jump back^^)

Beware, this is my first beatmap, but I am very sensitive to bad mapping, so I tried my best to keep a senseful pattern.

Although, I HAVE to say, that I think my beatmap is very difficult, so I recommend it to medium to skilled players, as it will give you the sweats πŸ˜›
I used the Bridge part in the end as kind of chill part, where you can rest a bit, but oh well.

I am happy if you try it out, especially if you like the song and are a My Hero Academia Fan!

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