tanneseph Alternative Indie Rock

Reckoner (Radiohead) UPDATED AUDIO

Difficulties Hard
215 15
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Mapper: tanneseph

This map is a love letter to one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, and also to the very beautiful official video (

). It’s admittedly a very chill song for Beat Saber, but if you dig in, there’s some great rhythms in the groove guitar, tambourine (yes, really), and bass to slash along to.

Here’s a video of me playing it! https://streamable.com/0arms

HUGE shout out to @OmniOmega for being SUCH a tremendous help with map-flow. He takes the bones and makes them so that the whole thing doesn’t collapse into a pathetic pile of good wishes.

Holler in the Beat Saber Discord @Jingshui if you like what you see.

UPDATE: Audio meant to be heard over the slashes! :O Also, less seconds of standing around at the end! :O

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