Bodies – Drowning Pool

Difficulties Hard
105 30
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Mapper: entari0

This is my first map that I’ve made, so I can almost guarantee it will be fraught with problems. The difficulty is listed as hard, but that I think it is about as hard as the OST on hard. There was a lot of cut/copy and pasting going on to make this map, so parts are going to feel repetitive. I’m mainly looking to see what I did right and (arguably more importantly) wrong. The lyrics at the beginning are also nearly inaudible in game for some reason, I wasn’t able to figure it out. There is no lighting, but every thing should be pretty visible, and there are no bombs. Any advice on future maps is greatly appreciated.

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  1. ButtKraken says:

    Hey there, good job for a first map. To solve your audio issues (timing and volume) maybe you could reference Kolezan’s audio guide on this website: https://bsaber.com/custom-mapping-song-audio-editing/

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