Pop Rock

Fall Out Boy – My songs know what you did in the dark (Light ’em up)

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
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Mapper: Stumi

Had a bit of time off lately so I went and made a other map. This time it’s Fall Out Boy!
I realise a map had been made for this track already, but I thought I’d give my take on it too seeing as its such a good song 😉
All difficulties are included from Easy to Expert so enjoy! 🙂

Decided to bite the bullet here and do an update. Big thanks for Heisenbergirl for pointing out the NJS felt off. Playing around with it I’ve now raised it to 13 (from 12) and learnt a valuable skill when it comes to mapping. Basically the NJS spaces out the notes a bit more so makes it easier to read.
I also adjusted a couple of the opening notes on Hard because I didn’t really like the way that they flowed.
Finally just want to apologise to everyone who’s worked hard on a score or left a review. It sucks to have to reset it like this but it did need the update.


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Comments (4)
  1. hanexs says:

    Just finished it with a C after a few nights of practicing. Awesome track, I had sort of given up on rock songs, while I like Rock, I find most of the maps boring, and now I mostly play to Pop, top 40 kind of dancey music cause the songs are more fun to play to.

    This map is FUN and CHALLENGING on expert.

    Im immediately downloading stumis other songs. Thanks a lot for this map.

    1. Stumi says:

      You’re welcome and thank you. Its reviews and comments like these that really make the whole thing worth it!

  2. Ev3nflow says:

    I’m new to Beat Saber in general and finally decided to try some custom maps. This one, immediately for me, was a winner. The movement was different than anything I’d found in the campaign thus far and the bobbing and weaving even on normal got the heart rate up more than any others I’d tried. This will be my first recommendation to any of my friends just getting into the game. Thank you!

  3. scarofsin78 says:

    this is up there with the quality of the beat sabre devs maps so much fun well done to the creator

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