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Goodbye to a World – Porter Robinson (v2)

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I'm a massive fangirl of anything to do with Porter Robinson, especially his Worlds album.

I would love to see the whole album get maps, so I can play through the whole thing in Beat Saber. It's not a super intense beatmap, as the song is slower and more relaxed (it's the finale of the album). The mapping matches pretty well and is nice and smooth. Not super creative with the design, it's fairly stock standard, but it does fit the song.50

Mapper: Todokete

Fully Lighted
In addition to adding the two difficulties, I drastically improved the visibility of notes in some parts and made some small improvements to the flow of some sections. And completely redid one section that was just a dang mess. Should be all around better now.

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Comments (2)
  1. elliotttate says:

    Sorry about that! It’s fixed.

  2. fredrikbra says:

    Missing a download link to the song..

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