BABYMETAL – Night Night Burn!

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
56 7
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Mapper: Royal

Tico Tico Ti-co Tico Tico Ti-co Tico Tico Ting Ting Ting
Finally stopped procrastinating to finish this.

Ex diff (Ex+ Without Jumps) is largely the same as Ex+ just without the extended jump section towards the end, along with other small nerfs, so that players who aren’t good at that type of pattern can still play the better represented diff. All other diffs are the same as my usual diff spread.

Ex+ Gameplay:

Many thanks to:
KrabsVR | Nico#1898,
and anammelech#8670 for playtests and feedback;
and aggrogahu 米卡#1357 for help with env.

DM for any feedback: Royal#2111

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