[V3] [Disney Rock Mixtape] Miley Cyrus & John Travolta – I Thought I Lost You

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Mapper: tpenny68

Enter in the sixth song for the Disney Rock Mixtape! This song is from the hit Disney movie “Bolt (2008)”, sung by the two main actors!

While we wait for the next two levels for the mixtape to be release, I can proudly said that ALL lightshows for each and every level in this pack has been completed, with the lightshows all done only by me. When counting my other 2 other levels that uses the rock environment, I have lit on the rock environment for a total of 10 times! Probably the most done on this environment than anyone else! After the Rock mixtape was release, i felt in love with the environment, and when I thought of Disney, I thought why not make a Disney rock mixtape with the Rock environment. here we are with 6 for that pack released, and we got two more songs left. I cannot wait for you to see those last two levels :D.

Also, this level will be the first out of ALL my levels to not be expert+ exclusive! There is Now in addition a expert level and normal level! Its my first time doing those difficulties, so feedback is greatly appreciated.

Have fun with the level!

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