Skrillex & Starrah – Good Space

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert+
99 3
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Mapper: Uncouth

First V3 map! This started out as part of a Skrillex map pack, but since I need to nerf it quite a bit before then, here’s my first version, where I went all-in for fun. Arcs can be really cool actually, but be prepared to miss a few on the highest diff, quiiite a lot of arm movement needed in the drops.

E+ – > Scary.. but fun, don’t expect to FC it first try though.
H – > Nothing special, pretty chill.
E – > Acc-diff, fairly comfy.

• Huge thanks to Pixelguy for the amazing lights, seen in all three diffs, go check out his stuff at: and make sure to check out his maps.

• Map preview:

• Always appreciate a follow over at:

• Fellow IKEA-country person? Head over to the Swedish Beat Saber Discord through:

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  1. Eddlicious says:

    Do you plan on mapping Ratata anytime soon? 🙂

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