Doughnuts Hole – Otona No Okite (The Adult Code) [v3]

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
50 1
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Mapper: shasderias

This is a V3 map, please enjoy on a recent version of Beat Saber.

The lightshow uses white and boost colors. If you use custom colors, I recommended that you set boost colors and avoid white.


E+ is my usual brand of quirky tech. E is E+ without the quirky tech. H is a down-map.

The lawless E+ is a slightly simplified standard E+ meant for arrow darth maul players. You probably don’t want the lawless E+.

Chroma is only used to highlight bombs. If you use some other mod to highlight bombs, please ignore the Chroma suggestion. If you don’t play with lights, please ignore the suggested settings.

Lightshow –

Playthrough –

Lightshow –
Playthrough –

Thank you to my playtesters, please check them out!

@FEFELAND – [email protected]
@nm7a6u3 – 南無なむ –
Rambutan – [email protected]_qt

Kaoru Hana wa Rin to Saku is lovely, read it! 薫る花は凛と咲くはすてきな漫画です。読んでみてね!

Sheena Ringo, 椎名林檎, しいな りんご, Quartet, カルテット, ドーナツ・ホール, おとなの掟

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