Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera

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So perfect, I had to bust out the protractor to find any flaws

This map checks all the boxes:  great flow, great readability, great lighting (without seizures), great pattern variety, and most importantly it captures the spirit of the song.  This map is so insanely perfect, there's pretty much nothing to talk about.  In fact, to find any flaws with this map, I would have to nitpick on the smallest details.  I will try my best.

The wall section at the beginning of the song is in sync  with the guitar, but only as the walls pass the player.  Not many mappers know this, but most maps will have notes, bombs, and walls that spawn in two beats away.  If the walls were placed just two beats back, the walls would spawn in to the sound of the guitar and appear much neater.

Fafurion has always used a pattern that involves two diagonal notes placed next to each other; this pattern has overlapping hitboxes and is a lot trickier to hit properly than you'd expect.  I'd recommend either putting a space in between the notes or to put one of the notes in the middle row.  However, if you completely forget about the hitboxes, it's pretty easy to let it slide and simply lose yourself to the song.

That's really about it.  This map is a masterclass and it's self-evident that this map was playtested intensively to make sure there were no mistakes and to make sure the map captures the feeling of the song.  I wouldn't change anything (except above) and that's the highest praise I could give to a map.

Mapper: Fafurion

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  1. Mira_1_2_3_4_5_6 says:

    today was my first day properly playing beat saber, and playing this chart was just, one of the most fun experiences ive had in a game in ages. the way it’s set up it’s just impossible to not completely fall into the groove of the song, it does in fact cause you to perform Jagger-Like Moves. tried it on normal and hard and even though i’m a total beginner it felt very approachable and intuitive, even on hard though i wasn’t perfect it never felt overwhelming. it just tricks you into doing a cool-feeling fun dance and if beat saber mappers are this smart then i really look forward to seeing what else the community has in store

    also the review on this page (that i think is totally right in its overall appraisal of the chart) nitpicks the walls at the beginning not visually spawning to the guitar, but the way it’s set up now makes it so that if you hold your hands out to the side while they pass by, the controller vibration syncs with the guitar riff which i think is fun in its own right

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