1.1. Balanced Dubstep Electronic

[Chroma] Ace Aura – UMBRA (feat. Voicians)

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Mapper: Spinvvy

MAP 100.

I will be honest and say I never thought that I would still be mapping today. To anyone who has been following me up to this point, thank you so much. It means a lot.

This project holds a very special place in my heart as it contains one of my most in-depth and wildest Chroma lightshows to date (57K+ EVENTS). This project has also been stuck in my custom WIP folder for many months as it was originally meant to be a collab with two other mappers. While I was able to get a lightshow done there was never any true mapping progress that came to fruition. I asked the original organizer of the project if I could map and publish this myself as I am very proud of the lightshow I made for this banger of a tune and they gave the okay for me to do so! I highly doubt I will make any other Chroma lightshows as crazy as this one as making them has taken quite a toll on me as time has gone by. Regardless of whether or not I will return to making super in-depth Chroma lightshows like this one, I hope you enjoy it!

Here’s a list of people I’d like to give special thanks to for having brought me up to this point in my mapping career.

@Zyxi: The first friend I made within this community when initially getting into mapping. To anyone who hasn’t checked out their stuff, please do. All of their works are incredible.
@Kansas & @monstor: Two mappers who have given a good chunk of feedback on the first few maps I made which I’m extremely thankful for.
@rayman9515: My DITR3 coach who significantly increased my interest in the world of Beat Saber mapping.
@Phoenix: Another one of my first friends who curated my DITR3 map. We’ve collaborated a fair few times and he was also originally part of this project and did the first bit of lighting at the start of this chart!
@Timbo: Brought me into the first major pack project I was involved in, the Ori Pack! Also helped me get my first ranked map!
@AkaBaka: Someone who gave nice feedback on some of the initial Chroma lightshows I made when I was first getting into Chroma lighting! Please check out some of their amazing vanilla lightshows if you haven’t already, especially Vaultage 001!
@TheBlackParrot & @hitmewmusic: Two cool Beat Saber streamers who have given me plenty of feedback on a large chunk of my maps!
@Soundwave39: The original organizer of this project who gave me permission to upload this as my 100th map!
@SuperMemer417: Silly friend who keeps telling me to hop on VRChat and has given some nice feedback on some of my maps!
@TinyPawb: Another cool streamer who is very fun to watch and also very nice to chat with. He’s also involved with the lighting in a project that will release in the future!
@Frost: Player and mapper who is another close friend of mine. We’re also collaborating on a few maps that will release in the future!

Thanks to everyone else who I’ve collaborated with up to this point as well!

@Blackjack, @GBitz, @Jabob, @LittleMaiden, @Sage, @Sp234 & @Z-ANESaber

I’d also like to give a special thanks to all the artists below for making all the wonderful music I’ve mapped and lighted so far (including the ones on my side account): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b48DQsP9gvmSTS_jclNpgVeKd7jSUNK_4R1STFO3ZiQ/edit?usp=sharing

Difficulty | NPS

Easy (I) | 1.21
Normal (wait) | 1.68
Hard (here) | 2.41
Expert (for) | 3.08
Expert+ (you) | 4.53

All feedback is highly appreciated as always. Thank you.
Discord: Spinvvy#4643

Next map: https://beatsaver.com/maps/30b24
Previous map: https://beatsaver.com/maps/305ec

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