[Chroma] Ace Aura – UMBRA (feat. Voicians)

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Mapper: Spinny

MAP 100.

I will be honest and say I never thought that I would still be mapping today. To anyone who has been following me up to this point, thank you so much. It means a lot.

This project holds a very special place in my heart as it contains one of my most in-depth and wildest Chroma lightshows to date (57K+ EVENTS). This project has also been stuck in my custom WIP folder for many months as it was originally meant to be a collab with two other mappers. While I was able to get a lightshow done there was never any true mapping progress that came to fruition. I asked the original organizer of the project if I could map and publish this myself as I am very proud of the lightshow I made for this banger of a tune and they gave the okay for me to do so! I highly doubt I will make any other Chroma lightshows as crazy as this one as making them has taken quite a toll on me as time has gone by. Regardless of whether or not I will return to making super in-depth Chroma lightshows like this one, I hope you enjoy it!

Here’s a list of people I’d like to give special thanks to for having brought me up to this point in my mapping career.

@Zyxi: The first friend I made within this community when initially getting into mapping. To anyone who hasn’t checked out their stuff, please do. All of their works are incredible.
@Kansas & @monstor: Two mappers who have given a good chunk of feedback on the first few maps I made which I’m extremely thankful for.
@rayman9515: My DITR3 coach who significantly increased my interest in the world of Beat Saber mapping.
@Phoenix: Another one of my first friends who curated my DITR3 map. We’ve collaborated a fair few times and he was also originally part of this project and did the first bit of lighting at the start of this chart!
@Timbo: Brought me into the first major pack project I was involved in, the Ori Pack! Also helped me get my first ranked map!
@AkaBaka: Someone who gave nice feedback on some of the initial Chroma lightshows I made when I was first getting into Chroma lighting! Please check out some of their amazing vanilla lightshows if you haven’t already, especially Vaultage 001!
@TheBlackParrot & @hitmewmusic: Two cool Beat Saber streamers who have given me plenty of feedback on a large chunk of my maps!
@Soundwave39: The original organizer of this project who gave me permission to upload this as my 100th map!
@SuperMemer417: Silly friend who keeps telling me to hop on VRChat and has given some nice feedback on some of my maps!
@TinyPawb: Another cool streamer who is very fun to watch and also very nice to chat with. He’s also involved with the lighting in a few projects that will release in the future!
@Frost: Player and mapper who is currently my bf. We’re also collaborating on a few maps that will release in the future! Very happy that I met him within this community. Love you, hun. <3

Thanks to everyone else who I've collaborated with up to this point as well!

@Blackjack, @GBitz, @Jabob, @LittleMaiden, @Sage, @Sp234 & @Z-ANESaber

I'd also like to give a special thanks to all the artists below for making all the wonderful music I've mapped and lighted so far (including the ones on my side account)…

621 gecs, Ace Aura, Alasen, Aloma Steele, BadKlaat, Bandlez, BANkaJI, Barely Alive, Bastereon, BeutNoise, Bishu, blaze.zip, Calcium, Camellia, Chibs, clown core, Colleen D'Agostino, Connor Fitzgerald, Convexity, Craig S. Barnes, DAIZY, Damjan Mravunac, Danielle Apicella, DeepRumor, Dino Shadix, Direct, EARHEAD, Elemn, Eliminate, enum_, ERBES, eugene, False Noise, Fellsius, Flowdan, Frank Zummo, Fred again.., FullSwing, Gareth Coker, gladde paling, Gorillaz, grape milk, Gunnar Michael, Guppi, Hadar Adora, Hidenori Shoji, HOME, Horzeman, Hudson Lee, i_o, Infinity Tone, ivycomb, Jeffufu, KaTT, Katy Alex, Kill Feed, KLOUD FOREST, Krewella, Kyroshie, Laur, Leotrix, Lights, longstoryshort, Lookas, Loompaskettee, Magic Bite, Modestep, MYRID, No Mana, Nyptane, Patricia Taxxon, phonon, Phunk Bias, Pixelord, Replica, REZZ, River Boy, Rux Ton, Sammy Virji, Samuel Marquis, SEGA, SHSTR, Sik N Twisted, SISTO, Skrillex, snuffles, Space Laces, Stewart Keller, Stux.Io, Ternion Sound, The Night, Trixy, Tsukasa, TVBOO, Vandull, Vaporwavez, Varien, Vayre, VICEGRIP, vieze vaatdoek, Virtual Riot, Voicians, Voljum, Voltone, Vorso, Vylet Pony, Whitetail, Wuuzi, Yakz, YOKED, YOOKiE & Zef Parisoto

Difficulty | NPS

Easy (I) | 1.21
Normal (wait) | 1.68
Hard (here) | 2.41
Expert (for) | 3.08
Expert+ (you) | 4.53

All feedback is highly appreciated as always. Thank you.
Discord: Spinny#4643

Previous map: https://beatsaver.com/maps/305ec

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