Eleanor Rigby

Difficulties Hard Expert+
9 5

Mapper: 0WN_1T

The amount of times I misspelt Elenor is embarrassing.

This map has not been play-tested. HOWEVER, it has two complete maps, a complete lightshow, and a quick run through a parity checker shows no issues, so the map is good to play. If I were to theoretically patch this in a day or two, I would keep the original Ex+ mode as a sort of “legacy” map (looking at you, Imagine Dragons v2) and change the main mode (which would be Expert at that point) to fix all of the problems of the original, sort of how I did with Misfire. (Do not look that one up, the mapping on that one is garbage and the original is nearly impossible to FC due to note oversaturation and a three column wide wall). The Revolver pack is confirmed and will be fully rolled out hopefully by April but at the latest by May, and will include all of the songs from Revolver, and possibly the Paperback Writer // Rain single.

I’m tired and need desperately to touch grass or a bed or possibly even the ground for sleep.

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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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