ALI PROJECT – Seishoujo Ryouiki / 聖少女領域 (Aitsuki Nakuru cover)

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: Vegetable

From Rozen Maiden Träumend (ローゼンメイデン・トロイメント) Opening theme.

We have prepared a video of Expert+ difficulty for you:

Some placements were changed since the making of the video.

Expert+ may be difficult even for experienced players, so please be careful! “Easy” is an accuracy map, so please enjoy the lights while playing it.

Music / MV:

聖少女領域 (Seishoujo Ryouiki)
Cover by 藍月なくる (Aitsuki Nakuru)

This was a large project, and we hope you enjoy it. Thank you for playing!

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