a new moral low ground – Architects

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Mapper: Bytrius

okay, WOW. This is the first map I’ve made in a long time that’s made me giddy with joy when I finished playing through it. While I’ve been gone, other than wasting my life away in Destiny 2, I’ve been experimenting with new ideas and new styles, specifically Tech and Fitness. Now while this map probably isn’t either of those entirely, and kinda mish-mashes a little bit of everything together (Balanced, Dance, Fitness, Tech), it’s the first time I’ve made a map with all of those elements I’ve been teaching myself and it WORKED SO WELL.

This map isn’t gonna be for everyone, as it’s got a lot of jarring, or maybe even at times unconventional types of patterns, angles, and dodge walls in it, but this was something I specifically made for me and what wild concepts have been cooking up in my soup-brain (or at least, they’re wild for me and my mapping style, haha).

I’ve been vibing pretty hard with Architects’ new record, “The Classic Symptoms of a Broken Spirit”, which is great considering I wasn’t really a huge fan of their previous one. I’d love to map “deep fake” at some point, but hey, no promises, I’ve always got a bajillion different projects I’m working on, hahaha. Thanks for playing, as always, and I hope you like this map as much as I did making it!




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