Electric Light Orchestra – Mr. Blue Sky [ARCS]

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
382 8
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Mapper: jre_mcnuggies

After months of playtesting and searching for a lighter for this jammer, its finally able to be released.

Thanks so much to @symphonic for doing the lights on this, they turned out so well.

This song means a lot to me and its one of the first maps I ever played in Beat Saber when I got PCVR. I felt like this song would work well with the new V3 features like arcs so I decided to map it.

I made sure to include plenty of lowers because the song is too much of a jammer to not be accessible to players of all skill levels. Map is very chill and dancey.

Hopefully you guys enjoy the map!

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  1. Alresu says:

    This map seems to be… empty?
    Regardless if downloaded or viewed in browser there are no boxes for me.

    But I am new here, I might be doing something wrong.^^

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