Porter Robinson – Everything Goes On

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Mapper: symphonic

First off, a huge thank you to @FireStrike_ for letting me map over their incredible lightshow in the Lizzo environment; it really elevates this song to another level.

Porter Robinson is one of my favorite artists of all time. His music is incredibly well produced and his lyrics and themes are very personal, and often quite profound. This song is no exception, and it tells a truly heartbreaking story. I often get a bit tired of songs as I map them, but over the 10+ hours I worked on this map, I didn’t ever feel exhausted with this song. I think that says a lot about its quality – to me, at least.

There’s already been a couple good maps of this song, but I hope FireStrike’s fantastic lightshow, as well as the full spread of difficulties I put together, offer another enjoyable take on this song. Hopefully this range of difficulties will allow anyone to appreciate this song, as well as the map and lights built around it. This is a surprisingly dancey map when the energy picks up, and a much more somber map in its quieter moments. The upper difficulties also introduce some techier patterns into the mix. Overall I’m super happy with this balanced spread I made, and I hope you all enjoy it too.

Thanks to @swukpuff for testplaying!

Gameplay (Expert+) preview by yours truly:

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