[Poodle Version] LVTHER – Some Kind Of Magic

Difficulties Expert+
38 6
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Mapper: Darkrealm7

A new twist on my most popular map featuring poodle notes!
(Noodle extensions are required for this map)

Shoutout to @iPixelGalaxy for reaching out to me and requesting this version of the map. Additional thanks for playtesting and helping me fix all the issues from the initial draft

Reuploaded to fix an NPS issue with the poodle notes, made some minor tweaks in other spots while I was at it. Thank you to MadChase for testing the fixed version

— Showcase Video on iPixelGalaxy’s YT:

Rank ronk on Hitbloq Poodles Map Pool: https://hitbloq.com/map_pool/poodles

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