Play Me Like That Video Game by Josef Bel Habib

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
24 2
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Mapper: LaidBackAries

Play Me Like That Video Game by Josef Bel Habib is a fun Electronic / Video Game tune that caught my eye. I knew it would be super fun to map and even more fun to play! I even went so far as to create my first 360 map for each of the difficulties! Apologies for not making a 90 degree version. If enough people request it, I may learn how to do that as well. I’m much more familiar with 360.
Length: 1:42
BPM: 160
Hard 3.31 (Standard and 360)
Expert 4.09 (Standard and 360)
Expert+ 4.68 (Standard and 360)

Thank you to those who gave me some great advice on my first draft! I am very happy with how this came out and I look forward to making more maps of various genres. Please give it some likes! Thank you!
NO crouch/duck walls!

Video Previews:
360 Hard

360 Expert

Source: Epidemic Sound (royalty free music) under license agreement/permission during active subscription.

Mapped by LaidBackAries and lit by LaidBackAries with assistance by Lolighter (thank you for making lighting this environment much easier!)

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