American Catastrophe (ft. Jedwill) – lynden rook

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Mapper: dahdumbguy

American Catastrophe (ft. Jedwill) – lynden rook
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yeah idefk anymore

ive been extremely depressed lately. I haven’t been in school for like a month and I haven’t really gotten out of bed in ages. life sucks so im back here making dumb levels writing descriptions nobody reads and stuff.

easy tech map banger rock song blah blah blah blah you get the fucking point spent like 2 hours on this and 90% is copy pasted but moved around a bit

I should be happy by all means, I have an amazing girlfriend and some close friends that I like talking to but I’ve just been stuck thinking about the past and all my fuck ups in life. somehow I still havent gotten over the drama thats like 4 years old at this point and I keep blaming myself for everything. im not going back to beatsaber or the community because honestly I have nobody to go back for. enjoy the map ig

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