[Unlikely Mashups] Neil Cicierega – Love Psych (The B-52’s “Love Shack” vs. Bernard Herrmann’s “Psycho” Soundtrack)

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Mapper: symphonic

A fantastic mashup by one of the masters of the art form, Neil Cicierega – the mind behind comedy band Lemon Demon and the viral videos centered around the “Potter Puppet Pals.” Here we see his talent in full swing, combining new wave band The B-52’s’ hit single, “Love Shack,” with Bernard Herrmann’s iconic “Psycho” soundtrack, resulting in an uncanny and strangely fitting combination.

This map is part of the Unlikely Mashups pack, organized by @TetsuBeats and JLC. Check out the rest of the pack here!

The lightshow in this one may be my best yet. I used the default Spooky environment colors for this map – my first time using default colors actually, I think. Also, I tried to mirror the black and white movie vibe with just using white lights during the murder scene soundtrack, and I think it comes across. Just overall happy with the atmosphere I created.

Big thank you to @Joetastic for testplaying as well!

I hope you enjoy playing it!

Lightshow preview video:

Reuploaded 2/6/23 to add back my precious v3 walls, which a Chromapper bug turned into regular walls at the time of upload.

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