[Arcs and Chains] Comet Coaster – DJ Noriken & aran

Difficulties Expert+
87 2
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Mapper: Serephor

Made several months ago as an attempt to learn arcs and chains spiraled into an on and off project that not only was to learn v3 elements but also the lighting system as a whole. I wanted jump walls but they’re pretty bad without mapping extensions and I wanted this to be vanilla only. Oh well though.

Glad to have it out there at last even if it has been sitting for quite a bit.

Gameplay preview:

Please support the original artist here: https://tanoc.bandcamp.com/track/comet-coaster

Special thanks to:
Decalous for always testing every horrendous map I concoct
professor calculus of the BSMG Discord server for also testing the maps I put out there

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