NewJeans – OMG

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: eurnkung

Basically jammer

Expert+ Gameplay

Feedback is appreciated!

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Comments (6)
  1. kaune says:

    is the map not working anymore?

    1. eurnkung says:

      Are you having any problems playing the map? If you’re playing on PC and it loads infinitely (just the map, not all songs), try modding your game and install SongCore.

  2. toddian0511 says:

    I just have to say that i am a huge fan of your maps, I play at least one (usually a lot more than one) of your maps every time I play Beat Saber. Your flow and accuracy is impeccable and I very much enjoy it. I will say, I would be eternally grateful if you made a map for NewJeans Hype Boy. I feel like you would make a map for that song perfectly!

    Again huge fan!!!

    1. eurnkung says:

      Many thanks! I’ve also been asked to do Hype Boy by many other people, so please look forward to it!

  3. Chins says:

    Hey, I just noticed a lot of the maps i really enjoy playing are made by you. So I immediately downloaded this one and a lot more.
    You have a mapping style that makes it easy to just relax and follow the flow, which I love.
    Thanks for all the great work 🙂

    1. eurnkung says:

      I’m really grateful to hear that.. Thank you!

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