Participation Trophies – Madelline

Difficulties Expert Expert+
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Mapper: SynthetikOne

I am super excited to upload this map!
This one has been through extensive testing, fine-tuning, polishing and softening. My focus here was improved angles, flow, body movement and better pattern recognition (apart from the sneaky ending 😉)
Heaps of thanks to @Dee-Dee, @Andynak and @Monstor

Pickle count: yes

Expert+ has a very brief baby-tech moment near the end where you will need to pickle and fronthand your way out 😉 I highly recommend stretching before playing this one as the ending will have you doing things you might not normally do.
For those less enthusiastic about pickles, I’ve made an expert version which is the same, but without any pickles, a slightly simplified drumroll section and zero techy flavour.

This is my favorite map to date and I think it’s my best one yet. I hope you find it fun!

Feedback, suggestions & questions are always welcome through discord @SynthetikOne#2656

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