Noisia – Machine Gun (16bit remix)

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Mapper: Undeceiver

Did someone say 6-lane tech?

Don’t worry, there is a 4-lane version for those with T-Rex arms; and also a downmapped version with reduced speed, complexity and stamina for those who prefer something more chill.

Top difficulty preview:

Lightshow preview:

This map is a big milestone for me in many different ways:
– It is my first v3 lightshow, and really the only proper lightshow I’ve made myself.
– It is the most difficult map to play that I’ve made.
– It is the map that I’ve spent the longest time working on, and it’s been sheer polish and detail, as opposed to starting over and remapping as happened with Flutter. Even then, the map is still far from perfect.
– It is the first map I publish that has NO WALLS.
– This is one of my favourite all-time songs. I love all the songs I map, but this one has a particularly special place in my music library.

I had been thinking about the idea of making a 6-lane tech map for a while. The main reasons are two:
– I like wide.
– I feel that a lot of limitations in tech come from positioning, vision and angle constraints that cannot be satisfied within the limits of regular maps. 6-lane opens up possibilities a lot by adding more positions, more relative positions, more angle options and a lot more alternatives to avoid vision blocks.

I really hope at least you tech-lovers have a nice time with it. Even if far from perfect, I’ve definitely learned a lot in the process of making this about tech, about 6-lane, about downmapping, about rhythm choice, about representation, and about lighting.

As usual some thanks are due, in this case to two big tech nerds:
– @AllPoland who did an early testplay and some general feedback that guided the rest of my mapping.
– @GalaxyMaster who did a very thorough testplay of the full top difficulty and some really well presented arguments about comfort, representation and readability.

Even then, I didn’t change all that either of them would have liked to, but I know they understand that. They definitely made a few things click in my head when they pointed out some aspects, so I’m very grateful for that; on top of some plainly great suggestions for patterns.

As usual, feedback of any kind (compliments, comments, complaints, suggestions) is welcome on Discord on Undeceiver#3265.

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