[LoL Worlds Pack] Worlds Collide – League of Legends (ft. Nicki Taylor)

Difficulties Expert Expert+
121 4
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Mapper: RateGyro

90° Poodles and normal non-rotating diff. Thanks @hypersonicsharkz for adding to the paul plugin support for smooth rotation.

Tried moving the hud and the base game hud freaks out. So I recommend playing without hud but if you don’t mind the vision issues then go for it. wHy noT jUst uSe 360 EnVirOnMenT? Hud still vision blocks and doesnt rotate in time to get out of the way. Might as well have nicer lights. Enough ranting, hope you enjoy as I try out new concepts!

Thanks for playtesting mochichi72, TheCzar1994, HyperSonicSharkz, iPixelGalaxy, and Sync!

Link to the Pack – https://beatsaver.com/playlists/40013

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