shining on my ex [Fitbeat]

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Mapper: Sibs

Fixed up a map planned for the bbno$ Fitbeat pack that didn’t make it because I’m a bit lazy. You should go check that out tho, it’s quantity and quality:

bbno$ Fitness

Polished up, very happy with it now, tried new things with body/hand momentum, a little hand/wrist-y like all of my maps. Also a downmap? How’d that get in here?

Big thank you to @Irahi for the testplay!

Expert+ has a lot of body sway momentum, crouches and leans along with the hands having deeper/not-quite-tech scoops
Expert is simplified in its scoops, crouches and leans without sacrificing the movement aspect, hands are more linear/friendly

Ex: 4.18 NPS Mapped // 4.18 SPS AVG
Ex+: 4.4 NPS Mapped // 4.25 SPS AVG

Video Preview:

Any feedback, comments and questions to Sibs#9604, I love talking to other players!

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