CorgiCamDansen- Official Editor Remaster! (Song by TheRottenEditor / Caramella Girls) UPDATED VERSION

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert+
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Mapper: FeudBoy_YT

Congratulations to CorgiCam!
I made this map because it is Corgi’s 11-year Twitch Anniversary

Go show some love. Streams every night on https://twitch.tv/corgicam except Thursdays and Fridays

Youtube Preview- Coming Soon

Song Sauce-

Song is based off Caramelldansen (Caramella Girls)

Map will not work on 1.19.1 or below! Recommended play version is 1.27

Scores will only upload to BeatLeader because of arcs and chains!

Colour Set- Weave

Environment- Weave

My first FULLY mapped and lit beatmap using beat saber’s official 3D editor! It was so much fun trying and experimenting with the new lighting system.

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