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[Stacks-2] DJ Noriken – REV LIMIT

Difficulties Expert+
3 0

Mapper: riisi

From album “Excess NRG”, 2021.

This map was made for a mapping event ‘Stacks’. The map was split into 4 parts and each part was given to a randomized participant, without any knowledge about each other during the event. The map is a mix of hastily placed notes (on my part at least, I did my part against the clock) and varying mapping styles. Mapping tracks beyond your comfort zone against a deadline is quite an experience!

Thanks to these people for enduring with my choice of music:
@riisi -> 0:00 – 1:09
@ObaMart -> 1:09 – 2:09
@Acubens -> 2:09 – 3:09
@RaccoonVR -> 3:09 – 4:09

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