RaccoonVRPlus 1.4. Tech 1.5. Speed Anime J-Rock

[Stacks-2] TK from Ling tosite sigure – first death (from “Chainsaw Man”)

Difficulties Expert+
5 2

Mapper: RaccoonVRPlus

**Part of Stacks Vol. 2** *”Each mapper only maps a segment of a map, not knowing who’s mapping the rest. Pure chaos is the name of the game, so expect unique mapping styles in each map, as you play through 4 minutes long songs, mapped by 4 different participants, one minute each.”*

Have fun!

Mapped by Group 4: *”Cetvrti tim”*
0:00-1:01 @raccoonvr
1:01-2:01 @riisi
2:01-3:01 @GojiCrafter
3:01-4:01 @Acubens

Thank you to everyone who took part!

Video Preview (TBD)
More Maps (https://beatsaver.com/profile/4285051)
Contact me on Discord (RaccoonVR#5876)

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