[Stacks-2] Frums – Gender and a Metal Bat

Difficulties Expert+
2 0

Mapper: PnfrlEnm

Stacks (Volume 2) // 4 mappers, 1 map, 0 communication.

Stacks is a mapping event hosted by @pan-salsa in the Beat Saber Mapping Discord in which each mapper who signs up picks one 4-minute song. Then they are randomly thrown into groups of 4 people, and they must map certain minute long sections of their assigned songs without knowing who any of the other group members are or how they will map their sections of the song. The resulting maps are a chaotic mashup of each mapper’s style.

Mapped by Group 1 ~ “Premiere equipe”
0:00 – 1:17 // @PnfrlEnm (that’s me!)
1:17 – 2:17 // @23raining
2:17 – 3:17 // @Frost
3:17 – 4:17 // @Matgenius04

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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