Sam Smith – Unholy (Metal Cover by Jonathan Young & Lauren Babic)

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Mapper: OneSpookyBoi

Huge collab brought to you by Rookie Mapper & Lighter of the Year finalist @tetsubeats and Lighter of the Year finalist @OneSpookyBoi!

This was map was supposed to release around the same time as @tetsubeats other Jonathan Young cover #2d668 but hey better late than never 😛

This map features 4 difficulties all mapped by @tetsubeats with arcs and chains and a lightshow in the new Rock Mixtape environment lit by me with Tetsu lighting the intro and outro.

Gameplay Preview:


Huge thank you to all the testers for taking the time to review the map!
– @maybeemae
– @namaki_mono
– @swukpuff
– @drachentamer

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