itsmagma 1.5. Speed Electronic Hip Hop & Rap

Ultimate Spotify Playlist Challenge (Vibro)

Difficulties Expert+
7 8

Mapper: itsmagma

compilation of bangers from my playlist

Estimated difficulty: 21

List of songs and BPM:

Playboi Carti – R.I.P: 560 BPM
t+pazolite – DREADED NOTE: 480 BPM
Surge – Guap Up: 590 and 640 BPM
Tokyo Machine – FLAMES: 512 BPM
Ken Carson – upside_down: 580 BPM
Kobaryo – Everlasting Liberty: 484 BPM
Nerd1k – KEEP UP: 584 BPM
lapix – Flamenco House: 520 BPM
Yeat – Wat it feel lykë: 540 BPM

might reupload if anything is weird, so just let me know lol

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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