[STACKS] Cola Splash – Curry Drinker (Djemnba Djemba Remix)

Difficulties Expert+
6 2

Mapper: Cadavren

Music’s link: https://bandcamp.trekkie-trax.com/album/curry-drinker-djemnba-djmeba-remix

As we participated to the second STACK event in the Beat Saber Mapping discord, @BlackJack, @tpenny, @symphonic
and I were paired up to make 4 maps, but without knowing what the others would do (telephone game).
Here is the results of the map I submitted to the group.

Didn’t got the time to make some lights which I regret greatly (v3 mapping would have been cool looking), but at least I manage to understand how the official editor worked.
Shout out to Pan Salsa who’s been very nice to us and did all the merging work so we didn’t not have to do it (sorry again for all the great bugs and errors on v3 bahaha).
Thanks to the other event runner, Tea Drinker, as well for organising the event, and thanks to the beat saber mapping staff for hosting it.

@cadavren (start to Beat 136)
@symphonic (Beat 163 to 323)
@tpenny ( Beat 323 to 483)
@BlackJack ( Beat 483 to end)

They were not playtested, if you have any feedbacks about the maps you can send them to me in DMs (Discord: Cadavren#0847)

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