Niriano 1.1. Balanced 1.4. Tech Ambient J-Pop

[3rd Mapping Festival] Choice – Hitori Oto

Difficulties Expert+
11 2

Mapper: Niriano


My entry into the 3rd Mapping Festival hosted by tubasa_p, as well as my first map ever~

It is a bit pepega and old map like, but It was really fun to work on and I learned a lot from this process~ Super big thank you to @mochichi for inspiring me to try mapping for the first time, showing her mapping journey, and playtesting this map for me~♡. I’d also like to thank @RealCoda and @joenightlight1 for showing off their mapping skills in their streams I’ve learnt a lot for watching you all work~ unfortunately I ran out of time to apply the fixes from the playtests for the deadline (cause I totally suck at time management) but I will definitely try to make another map again soon!~

Thank you for playing~ (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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