Circles! – Nekodex

Difficulties Expert+
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Mapper: Joetastic

As requested by @Salitas91 on the modding discord: Circles! by Nekodex. I have not played OSU but this song was so boopy and I know there’s a lot of OSU fans on Beatsaber so this map also goes out to them. Made this map OSU styled with many notes and streams, but don’t expect too much of a challenge as I’m not experienced at making challenging maps at 1/4 beats (Usually my maps are 1/2 with the occasional 1/4 drum roll) but I did try to make the 1/2 section as interesting as possible. If you can do basic streams this map is “hard”, but I’ve put it as “expert+” due to the amount of notes per second.

PS, make sure you have the latest song loader installed 😉

24/1/2019: yes I misspelt my own name, but it’s not a mapping error so there’s no real point to update the map and make everyone redownload it

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  1. Salitas91 says:

    Holy crap…. By one of my favourite mappers aswell!

    Thanks so much, cant wait to give it a go

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