Sir_Overswing 1.4. Tech House Nightcore

Lensko – Circles (JJD Remix) (1.1x)

Difficulties Expert+
2 4

Mapper: Sir_Overswing

Tech Vibro! (201 parity warnings :skull:)
May reup if patterns are insufferable, this is pretty experimental just like my previous map
took almost 3 hours
Reup 1 patterns were L fixed and made them easier (apparently it has 6 parity errors, gonna look for them because I can’t find them in the editor)
Reup 2 THE PARITY ERRORS WERE TERRIBLE (Beat Saver says they’re still here but I fixed the bad parts of the level so idk what it’s on)
ALSO huge credit to Fartbeef/Spooky_turd69 for the circle vibro section idea (the horizontal/wall vibro)
Reup 3 added more leniency on the patterns as well as removed incredibly uncomfortable sections

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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