Martin Garrix, JVKE – Hero

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Mapper: Uncouth

Martin Garrix’s new song Hero with JVKE recently dropped and what better way to honor this suspiciously Imagine Dragons-ey jammer than with a 4 mapper collab!

• Miljon, the video/graphic design guru.
• Fille the absolute acc god.
• And me, the one and only.
(From Sweden a.k.a. IKEA country.)

• Zephyr the acc-god, modder and overall amazing person.
(From Singapore)

Go ahead, stalk them all!

Also big thanks to Fnyt and Bitz for putting up with my beginner antics and for helping me clean up the Ex+ map! Very appreciated, and I can’t think of anyone better at this than you two, so incredibly greatful.

Difficulty-wise, we ended up with quite some variety. Let me know what you think at Uncouth#8110 on Discord. All feedback appreciated of course.


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