[#RTYWD] Polyphia – Memento Mori (feat. Killstation)

Difficulties Expert Expert+
19 6

Mapper: bethbot

‘Memento Mori’ is a Latin expression (which I had to look up XD); roughly translated, this is the title of the album (Remember That You Will Die). How cool is that? The phrase is meant to be a reminder that you are only human, and therefore, have only one life to live.

Top diff “mortal” will be light-tech and chill vibes, until Polyphia 😀
Big huge shout out to the amazingly talented @TG90 for their X(++) tech-heavy diff “AWOL”.
**Please upgrade to at least 1.20

TG90 would like to thank @TheBlackParrot for testing their diff! I would also like to thank @swukpuff for their test on the top diff.

Gameplay preview for the top diff: (outdated)

Check out the whole playlist: https://beatsaver.com/playlists/11904

Polyphia RTYWD Pack

Thanks emy for the mod!
Reup for rank 01.19
Reup X 01.23, 01.25

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