Mapper: CubeCommunity

The Official Cube Community Beat Saber Rewind 2022 map, BS//Recall by Tanger!

This map is one big collaboration between many different talents from all over the Beat Saber mapping scene, production of which started many months before Rewind:

@Nolanimations : Mapping & Organising
@Rusty : Mapping
@Olaf : Mapping
@Phoenix : Mapping & Lighting
@Loopymtb : Chroma Environment

We hope you all enjoy this nostalgic yet incredible rollercoaster through the past! Try to spot every single reference in the song, there’s a lot of them!

If you want to get into the mood of Rewind you can also install the Old School BS mod made by Kaitlyn~ which changed your menu to imitate how it looked back in 2018.
You can find the mod here:

(This map uses the Chroma mod for the environment, make sure to have it enabled for an optimal experience)

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