Saitei 1.5. Speed Drum and Bass Pop

XAM – Inception (Remap)

Difficulties Expert+
0 2

Mapper: Saitei

Comprehensive fix for Inception by @wdg_saint, with full permission from Saint.
Original map:

Fixes include:
-Fixed mismap in last drop basically forcing a combo break
-Some tweaks to gameplay in last drop
-Fixed hopefully all timing issues
-Many changes to flow made due to timing changes, such as the upswing bursts now alternating their start direction
-Lighting redone to match new timings
-Lower NJS to match the BPM
-Lossless audio replacement/original cover just because why not

Reupload #1:
Didn’t notice the vibro skipping a note originally, but after dying there 3 times decided that there was definitely something going on.

Reupload #2:
Found another skipped note that made it go 1/12 off, not sure how I missed it before but the map should be good to go now. It seems like no notes were mapped at 1/12, but I’m also too lazy to actually remap the entirety of the drops since at that point I may as well just make my own 👍

If you find any issues left just message me @Saitei#6969

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