Sir_Overswing 1.2. Dance Dubstep Electronic

Lchavasse – Space Abyss (Mashup by HyperMashup)

Difficulties Expert+
1 5

Mapper: Sir_Overswing

dance vibro!
feel free to pause
might reup if squat walls are impossible (they were)
reup 1 squat walls were cheesable with combo :sob:
reup 2 squat section was unbearable and extremely difficult physically, reduced difficulty and added wall run section
reup 3 fixed one vibro upstart on new ending, should be last reup it is playable and not cheesable
reup 4 yikes man 4 reups but buffed stamina section walls as well as added walls, fixed ending cheese, and added mirroring to the ending
FINAL REUP patched as many cheeses as possible, as best as I can get it to be without being incredibly unplayable good luck and enjoy pausing
(cs 19-23 estimate)

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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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